"A" litter


Owners said…

“As an owner of an “A” litter puppy I have to say this is the dream couple!!! I’m so thankful.”

“She is absolutely amazing with our two little kids. She is the best buddy for trips and perfectly fits to our hectic daily routine. She loves travelling by car, listens to kids and shows no panic to strange sounds. Thanks to Striped Magic Dutch Shepherd Kennel for giving her the best education to become family member we wished for.”

“I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that she is the best Dutch shepherd anyone has ever met. She is so well balanced, so friendly, so obedient and easy going. She is my everything and I am just crazy about her.”

“We tried a little bit of protection. It was all very basic and very gentle on her due to her age. But everyone was so impressed by her. She has a great drive and she thought this was the best thing she has ever done. She was very balanced. In between sessions she was lying down relaxing looking at other dogs working.”

“First herding session… She was fabulous being soft and instinctively knowing her moves. Trainer said she did great, calm, soft, and interested but not overbearing! One sheep escaped the pen and she was concerned and kept looking at the others and checking the escapee:-)!!”

“B” litter from the same pairing in October 2022!

ABBY- SAR dog training, dog dancing, development activities for children – she stayed in our kennel – Hungary

LUNA (AMELIE) – SAR dog training – Hungary

TIGRA (ALLEGRA) – family dog with little children, obedience, shows, development activities for children – Sweden

AJAX – family dog – Hungary

ELLIE (ALANA) – agility, area guarding, family dog – Hungary

ADELINE (AISHA) – family dog, herding – USA

AXA – police dog – Hungary

BONNIE (AURORA) –  family dog with little children – Czech Republic

MAGNUS (AZUR) –  family dog, protection training – Hungary

On August 8. 2021 the “A” litter arrived, 7 females and 2 males were born in our kennel in Hungary.

More about the parents here!

striped magic "A" litter

All Puppies have a new owner, the next litter is expected at the end of 2022!