Our dogs

Aernout Kaiannco "Cooper"

Date of birth: 09. 10. 2017
Country of Origin: Czech Republic
Height:  62 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Shows: Excellent 1. CAC, CACIB, BOB
Tests: BH/VT
Health testing results: HD B, ED 0, LTV 0, Spondylosis free, DM N/N, SDCA 1-2. N/N, KBR/KBR
DNA profil: available

Cooper is a male that has a really special personality. He is eager to please, has a lot of enthusiasm and learns quickly and easily. When it comes to work, Cooper is focused and doesn’t care about anything else. He is totally neutral to the people and dogs around him. This is also true in everyday life where he is aloof and will ignore other dogs and humans even if they are walking right past him. Cooper does not require the company of people other than his owners and does not seek to be friends with other people. He is not aggressive, just aloof. He will happily perform tasks for others in exchange for treats or toys, but his owners are always number one. He will play with some of the dogs within our own pack, but others, he will ignore. He does not have any interest in dogs outside of his pack and does not seek to be friends with them, but never creates conflict either. If a strange dog gets in his face, he does not attack, but will warn them with a growl.

Obedience: Cooper has always been very enthusiastic, which could often make learning obedience difficult at a younger age since he was so enthusiastic that obedience became boring. He learns any new task quickly and prefers to spend more time refining. He is also motivated by toy and game rewards.

Bite Work: Cooper has excellent prey drive and protective instincts. I would love to try Mondioring with him, but unfortunately, there are very few facilities in Hungary, so we must stick with classic bite work.

Canicross: Since he was 1.5 years old, Cooper and I have competed in Canicross races. Since he pulls hard, he performs better over shorter distances, although we have competed several times at 5 kilometers (3 miles) with good results. Cooper’s best placements have been 1st place at 1,5 kilometers (0.9 miles) and 3rd place at 2,5 kilometers (1.5 miles). Of course, Canicross is a team sport, and a lot depends on me. I believe I am the weak link, because if Cooper really breaks into a run, I am unable to keep up with him. Nowadays, we do a lot of long distance runs so he has to run next to me at a slower pace.

Dog Dancing: This is a sport that IGP fans don’t consider much in many cases, though I think it’s one of the hardest and most beautiful dog sports. By 3 years old, Cooper had learned 50 commands and/or hand signals. We regularly practice to make these tasks perfect. For me, this is the task I find to be the most relaxing and Cooper also enjoys it very much. Unfortunately, there are not currently any competitions, but I would like to take part in some Dog Dancing competitions in the future.

Exams / Competitions: BH test in June 2020. In the future, we would like to continue in the direction of IBGH and we would like to compete in short distance Canicross runs as well as Dog Dancing competitions.


Bahama Black Beck Herders "Mokka"

Date of birth: 04. 01. 2017
Country of Origin: Austria
Height:  58 cm
Weight: 25 kg
Shows: 2018. Excellent 1. CAC, HPJ // 2021. Excellent 1. CAC, CACIB, GRAND PRIX  winner // 2021. Hungarian Champion
Tests: BH/VT
Health testing results: HD B, ED 0, LTV 0, DM N/N, SDCA 1-2. N/N
DNA profil: available

Mokka is a dominant bitch, and she is the pack leader among our dogs, although she is not aggressive. She is an independent thinker and enjoys doing any task for her owners. While working, she ignores other dogs and humans, but she is friendly and open with humans and other dogs. Mokka is energetic and loves to run. She prefers to run at her own pace, but she also likes to pull, whether it’s hiking or canicross. She is motivated by food and toys. She will work with anyone, but always keeps her eyes on her owners.

Obedience: In obedience, she has outstanding talent. She is focused, and clear-headed. She learns quickly and is able to perform complex tasks with little practice.

Bite Work: For Mokka, bite work is a game she loves very much. She is a fast learner and performs tasks quickly. She has a clear head and is easily controlled.

SAR training: Due to Mokka’s independence, she is very talented in finding people. She is currently training as an SAR dog. She is confidently searching and her indication is firm.

Exams / Competitions: Norbi and Mokka took the BH exam in March 2021 In the future, we would like to continue in the direction of IBGH and have interest in obedience. The are searching test is also a goal.


Enjoy Black Beck Herders "Mia"

Date of birth: 05. 13. 2019
Country of Origin: Austria
Height:  57 cm
Weight: 23 kg
Health testing results: HD A / ED 0 / SPONDYLOSIS FREE
DNA profil:

Mia is the youngest Dutch Shepherd in our pack. She is very energetic, clear-headed and has outstanding prey drive. Her grandmother is from the famous, “le Dobry” kennel. Mia has a lot of enthusiasm and she learns quickly and easily. She enjoys playing with the dogs in our pack, but will ignore outside dogs. She is very talented in obedience and bite work, and she is outstanding in scent work.


Abby Striped Magic "Abby"

Date of birth: 08. 08. 2021
Country of Origin: Hungary
Shows: Hungarian Minor Puppy Grand Winner 2021.
Health testing results:
DNA profil: