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Striped Magic
Dutch Shepherd Kennel

Welcome to the website of the Striped Magic Dutch Shepherd kennel! We first saw a Dutch Shepherd in 2011 at a search and rescue dog show. We decided that we would have a Dutch shepherd someday. Then in 2015, we adopted a 6-month Dutch Shepherd-Malinois mix. This was Red. Unfortunately, it later turned out that Red has a problem with severe aggression towards other dogs. We struggled for a long time to treat his aggression, but when we could not achieve results, we accepted that this is just him. He has been with us ever since and he has accepted our female dogs. We try to make him feel as good as possible.

Conscious breeding

We believe that the most important aspect of dog breeding is the preservation of the given breed. We must take into consideration all external and internal characteristics, and it is very important that a given bitch and male fit together in all respects: appearance, temperament, and individual characteristics.

As the Dutch Shepherd is a very versatile breed, we consider it important to not select them for one specific task, but to preserve this versatility as much as possible.

Work and sports

Originally, the main occupation of the Dutch Shepherd dog was that of a shepherd’s dog in the countryside. They needed to keep the flocks away from the crops, which they accomplished by patrolling the borders of the road and the fields. They also accompanied the flocks on the way to the common meadows, markets and ports. At the farm, they kept the hens away from the kitchen and garden, they herded the cattle together for milking and pulled the milk carts.

This demonstrates the versatility of the Dutch Shephrd, which makes them suitable for a wide range of sports and work: herding, obedience, agility, bite work, canicross, bikejöring, scent work, tracking, search and rescue, etc. So, Dutch Shepherds are not only guard dogs or IGP dogs! Among the ancestors of our dogs, there are IGP dogs, herding dogs, SAR dogs, as well as Mondioring dogs. We believe in finding the activity in which the dogs have the most talent and, in which, they find the most enjoyment.

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