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We first saw a Dutch Shepherd in 2011 at a search and rescue dog show. We decided that we would have a Dutch shepherd someday. Then in 2015, we adopted a 6-month Dutch Shepherd-Malinois mix. This was Red. Unfortunately, it later turned out that Red has a problem with severe aggression towards other dogs. We struggled for a long time to treat his aggression, but when we could not achieve results, we accepted that this is just him. He has been with us ever since and he has accepted our female dogs. We try to make him feel as good as possible

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Then in 2017 we started consciously looking for a Dutch Shepherd puppy and that is when we found Mokka’s Austrian breeder. Mokka and her brothers were born in April of 2017.

We love working dogs. We are dog trainers and had already had many kinds: German Shepherd, Malinois, Labrador Retriever and Rottweiler. We still always felt like something was missing. Since having Dutch Shepherds, this feeling has disappeared. Like other working dogs, they need jobs to do, but their uniqueness cannot be compared to other dog breeds.

As I got to know Mokka better, I decided I wanted another Dutch Shepherd. This time, a little boy.


First, I contacted a breeder in Belgium, but the breeding had not been successful. That same week, I found an available male in the Czech Republic. This was Cooper.

I quickly checked the bloodline and two weeks later, on November 5th, 2017, we traveled to Prague. Cooper was the result of a very quick decision, but it was one of the best decisions of my life. Since the very first day, his intelligence has impressed me and he is my dream dog.

Mokka and Cooper developed nicely. When they were a year old, we were sure that, when the time came, we would like to breed Dutch Shepherds.

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In the Summer of 2019, Mokka’s breeder had a new litter and we went to see the puppies.

I liked Mia immediately because she was much calmer than her brothers. We thought about it and finally decided to enrich our pack with Mia.

This is how these three amazing dogs came to us. We would like to get the most out of them and breeding and contribute to preserving this “magical” breed.

If you have any questions, please write us!

Ildiko Kasza-Pirka & Norbert Kasza

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